Apple & Almond Crumble

Last weekend, Edie & I drove past a tin wheelbarrow at the side of the road.  I quickly checked out the house behind the wheelbarrow and spotted an apple tree.  I pulled up and Edie ran the 50meters to the tin barrow, filled her arms with fruit and ran back to the car.  She was so thrilled she’d collected three, fat baking apples.  Our Sunday baking was sorted!  While everyone in the baking world, steamed up their Christmas puddings…Edie and I rolled our sleeves up and made Apple & Almond Crumble.



Apple Mixture
3 fat apples
100g golden caster sugar
50g unsalted butter

Crumble Topping
40g porridge oats
2tbs ground almonds
40g unsalted butter
40g plain flour
20g golden caster sugar

Peel and core the apples, chop into chunks, throw in to a large pan, cover with water and add the sugar. Let the apple mixture simmer for ten minutes until the mixture starts to go a little mushy and melt the butter in the pan.   Transfer the mixture to a tin and prepare your crumble topping.

For this, literally add all the ingredients in bowl and rub with your fingertips until it represents crumble. That’s it.  Literally, it’s that simple!  Add the crumble to the top of apple mixture and bake for 25 minutes at 180C.

Serve up with fresh custard or a dollop of double cream  Enjoy!




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