After-Disco Sticky Prawn Rice

Today, my day started at 5.00am – I have been with a client all day and I stupidly left all the documents for my meeting in the office.  So, at 5am I get up – travel into the City, pick up the documents, get home for 6.30am, drink two rounds of coffee and get the kids up.  By 7.50am, I am leaving the house, kids in tow ready for 8am drop off at Gymnastics.  Once that’s done, I can start my “normal” day.

After a five-hour meeting, I travel the 78 miles back home and rush to the school hall where a disco is being held. My daughter is getting glittered up to the max at the tattoo bar, my son is hitting the dance floor with some ninja-style moves and my husband is slumped in to a dark corner with a bag of sweets from the children’s sweet stall.

When I finally arrive at home at 7.20pm you can imagine how much I want to cook.  But given that I’ve survived on caffeine pretty much all day and my husband has been eating e-numbers constantly for the last two hours, I figured I must do something.  So off to the fridge and freezer I go…

Freezer; (pre-cooked) prawns and rice.
Fridge; sliced mushrooms (always), onions (pre-diced, always) and garlic (pre-crushed, always).
Cupboard; Oyster sauce, Soy sauce, a couple of eggs and Jasmine rice (staple)

I can work with this….

Quick defrost the prawns (in cold water for about an hour).  Mix up a couple of eggs with a splash of water. Pull out the wok.  Heat the oil, and throw in the eggs.  Cook until bubbling and flip over, once cooked, take out and leave on a plate to cool.  Whilst the wok is still hot throw in the onions and garlic until softened, followed by the mushrooms – fry until brown. Add the prawns, stir for a couple of minutes until heated through and then add the mushrooms.  Leave to gently cook for five minutes, keep stirring.   Add two shakes of Oyster sauce and one shake of Soy sauce, slice up the cooked, cooled eggs and add the frozen peas leave again for a few minutes.  That’s it!


Serve in a bowl, eat, catchup on The Apprentice and sleep….



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