Cadburys Creme Egg Rocky Road…no cooking required

I have never been one of those people who can just have ‘one’. One chocolate, one biscuit or one glass of wine and these bite-sized pieces of pure indulgence are no different.  I have literally had to wrap them up in baking parchment packages and tie them in bakers twine, ready to deliver to friends in the village.  As I was wrapping them, I ate two more pieces….

I originally made Rocky Road a few years ago after reading a recipe from an eight year old in one of the Sunday newspapers.  It sounded easy, so that afternoon I checked out my cupboard for ingredients, of course I didn’t have them all (just like today), so I injected my own creative flair…

Having a blog is time-consuming and planning, it would seem, is essential.  So I added the ingredients to my weekly shop, sat back and felt smug, until they arrived.  Instead of ordering a packet of Mars Bars (for that lovely caramel texture), I ordered Mar Bars Ice Cream. Whoops.   I opened the kids sweet jar and discovered two unopened Cadburys Creme Eggs. Eurieka! 


What I Used:

300g of dark chocolate, 100g of unsalted butter, three tablespoons of maple syrup, a large handful of mini marshmallows, 140g of chocolate  bars (I used Maltesers and two Creme Eggs, however Mars Bars and Crunchies work well too) and 135g of Rich Tea biscuits.

What I Did:

I melted the butter, syrup and chocolate in a bowl over hot water. I crushed the Maltesers and chopped the Cadburys Creme Eggs, crushed the Rich Tea and added to a large bowl.  I added a very large handful of mini marshmallows. Once the chocolate mix was melted, I mixed into the bowl of sweet stuff. Make sure the mixture is all covered in chocolate and empty into a 15inch (or thereabouts) square tin (layered with parchment paper or foil). 


Place the tin in to the fridge to cool and set.  This takes about an hour. Take out of the fridge and cut in to small squares. They’re now ready for consumption!  Be warned, they’re so moorish, you’ll keep dipping in to the stash until there’s nothing left. I have one left..and it’s eating away at me!

Enjoy! X

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