Easter Cakes… Remember these?

Remember when you had time to be bored? The school holidays were the worst for boredom.  My mother, Pattie (or Pats as she’s now known) used to spend a small fortune on caster sugar, eggs, flour and chocolate in the hope that the Bero Baking book would, once again keep me entertained.  And, it always did.  The well-thumbed, uncoated pages of that small book used to keep me going days.  I always wanted to make those Chocolate Kisses three quarters of the way through the book, but never did.  They looked too difficult, too much effort. Rice Crispie cakes were a particular favourite, enveloped in the shiniest, prettiest cases I/Pats could find.

These cute little Easter cakes are of the same level.  Shredded Wheat and melted chocolate,  Boom!  I haven’t grown out of the pretty little cases, these are the bite-sized, petite fours cases from Waitrose.  I used to decorate them with Mini Eggs, but the magpie in me spotted these metallic covered eggs….the rest is history.

What I used

One Shredded Wheat, 100g of milk chocolate and a small amount of butter.

What I did

I melted the butter in a bowl over boiling water, I added some fat (butter) and took off the heat and stirred well to ensure the butter was fully melted. I crumbled a Shredded Wheat into the melted chocolate, mixed together and spooned in to the petite four cases.

My husband has walked past the table way too many times than usual and popped one in his mouth on each passing. Must be good!

Enjoy! X

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