Slow Cooked Beef Fillet 

This recipe is a little indulgent for a slow cooker….but it’s so good.  It literally takes minutes to do.  I throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker, with the exception of green beans and leave for ten hours.   Whilst my children are eating their way through their cereals, I warm up the slow cooker and take the ingredients out of the fridge/vegetable basket. Just before we hear the school bell (we live next door to the school) I unwrap the ingredients and place the potatoes and baby carrots at the bottom of the slow cooker, place the steaks on top and pour the beef stock in.  I turn the slow cooker on low and race out of the door.

My husband gets back at 330pm and adds the green beans.

The smell is so welcoming, I literally cannot wait to get involved with the tender meat and perfectly cooked vegetables with a dollop of English mustard.


What I used

200ml of beef stock, 2 fillet steaks, a handful of green beans, baby carrots and baby potatoes. 

What I did

I threw everything into the slow cooker at 8.50am, putting the vegetables at the bottom.  Added the green beans at 330pm. Ate at 8pm. Ha!

This is a seriously easy recipe and I encourage you all to cook…at least once.


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