Mother’s Day Madeleine’s 

So, Mother’s Day was upon me and I’d managed to buy something lovely from The White Company.  However I wasn’t sure of the Mother’s Day politics on children, my children.  Should they get something for their grandmother?  I decided to rustle something up. That ‘something’  was the little French beauties, Madeleine’s.  I’d always fancied making them  and quickly ordered a pan from Amazon.

Surprisingly, (and this is what I’m all about) these delicate looking Madeleine’s are a doddle! The most difficult bit is getting the right amount of mixture in the pan – not too much, not too little and the same quantity in each mould.

Here’s what I used:

100g of caster sugar, 2 medium sized eggs, 100g of melted unsalted butter, 100g of plain flour and 3/4 teaspoon of baking powder.

Here’s what I did:

Mix the eggs and the caster sugar together until fluffy.  I mixed for about five minutes in a KitchenAid. Add the melted butter (keep some for later), flour and baking powder. Mix again, lightly.  Leave to stand for 20 minutes.  While the mixture is resting, brush the Madeleine tin with the melted butter, leave to cool and sieve plain flour over the pan.  Knock out any excess flour. After twenty minutes, spoon out a tablespoon of mixture into each mould.  Put into a preheated oven at 190c for eight minutes.  I checked at eight minutes and put them in for another two.  The edges needs to be crispy.  Allow to cool in the tin for five minutes, then slip out and cool on a wire rack.

I bought some cute little gift bags from icedjems and carefully slipped them in the bags and asked Edie (daughter) to write the tags.  The White Company dressing gown was cast aside as Freddie (son), lovingly handed these over to his Grandma.

These are seriously impressive cakes, they taste delightful and look too pretty.  Due to the ease of the Madeleine’s, I made five batches. Ha!

Enjoy! X

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